What the World Needs Now is a Rebel

A Rebel From the Start I was always a rebel from the start. So no wonder I became an entrepreneur. Paving my own way. By the time I turned 12, I was train hopping through Europe every chance I got. Working nights and weekends at my dad’s company to earn the money for the next […]

The One Reason Most Visionary Leaders Get Stuck

I help visionary leaders find more creative freedom.

If you’re anything like the visionary leaders, change-makers, and rebel entrepreneurs that I work with… You’re brilliant at a LOT of stuff…not just the woo stuff, but the worldly stuff too. Take my client Mellissa for example. She’s a Stanford graduated attorney for goodness gracious. She was married with two little ones, lawyering during the […]

Accidental Activist

I clicked on my FB notifications and saw a friend of mine had tagged me in a post, curious I clicked over to read this: “Madeleine Wyke Silva I looked at your feed and saw not one post condemning the attempted coup in DC last week…I call you to repudiate it now…” Bewildered I looked […]