Evolutionary Business Model Part III: The Flow State

Evolutionary Business Model Part III: The Flow State

Madeleine in her state of ‘flow’. I hope you’ve been enjoying the series on the Evolutionary Business Model. Are you beginning to see how you can apply these strategies to your business so that you can enjoy more expansion and freedom? So now that you have defined your natural strengths and clarified your vision in […]

Evolutionary Business Model Part II: The 3 Key Pillars

Have you ever implemented idea after idea in your business without really seeing an ROI? Yep, me too. It’s no fun! But I’ll tell you what can help: The Evolutionary Business Model. Most of us visionary entrepreneurs get caught up chasing shiny objects. It can be hard to resist all the offers being thrown at […]

The Evolutionary Business Model Part I: Let Your Vision Be Your Compass

Working your way through the 3 pillars of The Evolutionary Business Model is the only way I know how to enjoy real freedom with your visionary business. Expansion becomes your natural flow-state…and freedom the true expression of your business. Put another way, if you want to expand your reach, vision, and freedom, you can’t focus […]