Hey there,

I’m Madeleine Wyke Silva

I’m a small-town girl from Sweden, rebel entrepreneur, warrior for freedom and writer with big dreams. Passionate about: medical freedom, deep conversations, and desert landscapes. 

I didn't always have this freedom:

A business that runs on 3-day work weeks, a beautiful home with zero mortgage, and a community of like-minded people that got my back.

In fact, just a few years ago you could have found me exhausted in front of my computer, papers piled high on my desk. I had finally hustled my way to the high 6-figures, but that 6-figure dream turned into a never-ending, stressful nightmare.
At the age of 44, I decided to sell everything and start over. Little did I know, that decision would be my one-way ticket out of my 6-figure uphill struggle. That single pivot led me to the 7-figure freedom I’m enjoying today.
Today you can find me snuggled up in my quiet Texas cul-de-sac with my two pugs or basking in the sun alongside the Geneva Lake with my rockstar husband and my childhood friends.

In retrospect,

I probably should have known that the girl that moved to a foreign country, ten-thousands of miles away from home, at nineteen with a dream of building a life out of two tiny suitcases (one filled with books) would figure out how to recover her freedom...


I’m probably sipping a cup of tea or a glass of Syrah and dreaming of ways I can help other entrepreneurs escape the 6-figure grind so they too can bask in the rewards of 7-figure freedom, ease, and adventure.

You want to know what lights me up? Making hardworking, visionary 6-figure entrepreneurs feel, touch, and realize their big 7-figure dreams with more ease and grace than they ever thoughts possible…
because sometimes this journey gets really hard and lonely and our only friend is called chocolate (and can conveniently be bought by the pounds, Toblerone anyone?) If I can be that freedom granter in your life that whispers: “it really can be easy” while the rest of the world is provoking doubt… then I’ll consider my purpose fulfilled.

A few of the things

I answer to...



When people tell me I’m lucky because I get to live this amazing life filled with adventure, laughter, and fun, I tell them I’ve built five businesses from scratch and sold two for top dollars…and luck has nothing to do with it!



Nineteen years into this love affair and my hot, rockstar husband still thinks I’m a babe.



I read cookbooks like novels, cover to mouthwatering cover, with a meal planning pad next to me, taking notes on this week’s creations. A perfect weekend, is me cooking a feast for my friends and family to gather around.



I grew up train hopping through Europe. During the school year I worked in my dad’s business so I could buy my next train ticket down into the continent, cultures, and currencies.



My mom says that there was nothing she could do about me traveling through Europe as a teenager on my own or moving to San Francisco the summer I graduated high school because I “never listened anyway!”.

I’ve always danced to my own drum.

My rebel nature has served me well in my fight for freedom in all its forms – medical, speech, thought, financial, and personal.



“Madde” is reserved only for my closest, dearest friends from back home who have known me for as long as I can remember!

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