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What past clients have said…

It’s 10:41 pm on a Wednesday night and I’m half asleep on the couch with my puppies on my lap…my guy next to me…watching ’90-Day Fiancee’ (guilty pleasures!!!)

My phone that I dropped on the side table next to me makes that cute little sound and lights up with this text message:

“Woohoo! I just did the math and I have a six-figure launch! I’m up to $6K recurring income and $40K in one pay peeps! I’m so jazzed!”

Mellissa Seaman

I’ve worked with Madeleine on several projects and the results Madeleine gets for her clients are unprecedented.

Corey Whitaker

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Madeleine brings a unique perspective, having worked with many businesses. She’s bringing something that you can’t usually find with a coach because of her unique background. She brings a unique energy and clarity to business owners, coaches, and speakers like myself.

She was able to take my situtation and really feed back a process and a plan that was a direct match with me.

Sean Stewart

She really has a unique way to dive into actual numbers and data, which never lies, to help you really assess the situation and keep your fingers on the pulse as well as develop strategies. You know where you’re going to put your energy to create more profitability.

Ronda Sharman

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Before we hired Madeleine, we were completely maxed out!  Maxed out on time, maxed out on clients, maxed out in our resources…and we had no room to grow.

We have a big mission here at The Successful Nurse Coaches, and we knew something had to change rapidly in order for us to continue serving our nurse coaching community at the caliber we were used to delivering.

Madeleine quickly helped us come up with a game plan!  She laid out a road map that helped us reverse engineer some of our processes, PLUS she gave us blueprints for how to move forward quickly.  We were not only able to recalibrate our offers to be in even more alignment with out vision, but we were also able to launch our program very shortly after hiring her.

Thirty days after our launch, we hit the 100k mark!!!  AND we have never made easier money since opening our practice years ago.

We are forever grateful to Madeleine and her expertise!

If you want to make money with more ease, do yourself a favor and hire her today! You won’t regret it.

Laura and Shelby

I wanted to celebrate that I’ve just had the best month ever!  My business is totally rocking and I’m in love with the systems and structure that I’ve created.  This is all thanks to Madeleine, her Membership and coaching.

I’ve been lucky enough to be working with her for a year and a half now.  And honestly, I couldn’t imagine doing it without her.  She is a vital part of my business and has completely changed my life.

Here are some of the amazing things she has helped me to achieve:

  • Get over my fear of making videos and speaking to people.
  • Set up systems to automate my business.
  • Learn how to write copy that connects with my people.
  • Create a  profitable online business.
  • Make enough in my online business, so that I resigned as an acupuncturist.
  • Set up my own Membership with recurring income.
  • Develop partnerships and referrals.
  • Work the hours that I choose and be able to spend time with my kids.
  • Pay off debts.
  • Grow my facebook group and email list.
  • Create an amazing community.
  • Be of more service in the world.
  • Have more freedom and fun.

If you’re thinking about joining Madeleine’s Membership or private coaching services, then don’t hesitate because she will help you create the business and life that you want.  She will help you connect to your perfect clients and be of more service to the world.

She is such a smart coach and businesswoman.  She goes all in and doesn’t hold back.  She is 100% there for me and her other clients.  And what’s more she has the utmost integrity and the biggest warmest heart.

Forever grateful.

Rachel Bolton, LAc

I know clarify when I feel it.  I decided to sign up yesterday with Madeleine and her Go Expert membership program.  I followed her coaching in our mastercalass this morning and got my first signup for a new group program I didn’t even know I had coming up, lol.  Chatting with 4 more interested folks and just emailed my list.  I’m living proof of the difference between creating debt and investing in my biz.  I’m asking my clients to invest in themselves, there’s something magical about me doing the same.  Yay me!!  If any of you are on the fence, it’s really fun over here.

Cinder Ernst