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The Evolutionary Business Model Part I: Let Your Vision Be Your Compass

Working your way through the 3 pillars of The Evolutionary Business Model is the only way I know how to enjoy real freedom with your visionary business.

Expansion becomes your natural flow-state…and freedom the true expression of your business.

Put another way, if you want to expand your reach, vision, and freedom, you can’t focus on expansion.

Now I get it, your messaging and marketing has brought you the level of success you’re now enjoying…but to leverage that success, you’ll need to do things differently…or you’ll end up getting stuck hustling in perpetuity.

But if you’re feeling the momentum building, you’re in the perfect position to “flip the freedom switch” on your business…and truly reap the benefits of all the hard work you’ve put in to get to this point.

Just don’t let the moment slip you by…or you’ll end up riding the feast and famine roller coaster…stuck at capacity and unable to break free from the hustle…like so many 6-figure business owners do.

I’ll be guiding you through The Evolutionary Business Model

So that you can see the path for yourself over the next few weeks here on the blog.

When I take my clients through The Evolutionary Business Model process and they begin to see their business through this lens, it allows them to pinpoint exactly what they’re missing, the exact tweaks they need to make to help them accelerate the growth of their business, with more ease, and freedom than they ever thought possible.

Every single business has a unique path to level-up so that you, the visionary leader, change-maker, and rebel entrepreneur, can lead-up in a bigger way.

You have things in place in your business that other business owners are missing, and vice versa. So this is all about leveraging the business you’ve already built…turning up the volume on the stuff that is working really well, eliminating the stuff that are causing profit leaks, and tweaking the stuff that needs to get dialed in.

The biggest thing that I see get visionary leaders, change-makers, and rebel entrepreneurs stuck, is not their marketing, messaging or sales process…but their business model.

It’s the business model that they’ve been told they have to have in place in order to be successful, that is the exact thing that is keeping them stuck unable to level-up!

If you’ve ever felt like you’re contorting yourself into a model, box or container that simply doesn’t feel natural or align with your vision, you know what I’m talking about.

This is why I call myself The Business Architect 

Because I literally rescue visionary leaders, change-makers and rebel entrepreneurs from the business model prisons they’ve been told they have to contort into, and help them design a business model that is as elegant as their delivery and as grand as their vision. If it’s not in full alignment with who you really are, then it’s not in service of you or your vision.

It’s not that the gurus, coaches, and consultants led you astray on purpose, they’re simply unaware of what made them successful. They believe that a certain tactic that finally brought them the momentum they’ve been wanting is the one thing that made all the difference…and now they want to teach everyone else to apply that same tactic to their business so they can have that same result. Their intentions are pure and good.

The only problem is that it’s hardly ever the tactic that matters. It’s hardly ever the strategy that makes all the difference. It’s the alignment.

When we align everything in your business to your true calling, your biggest vision, and your unique gifts…everything changes. Then we can pick strategies and tactics to support the expansion of your essence.

You’ll never get that same magical combination by doing it the other way around.

So if you’ve been frustrated with your slow progress, even after doing ALL THE THINGS, it’s not about finding the one tactic that will finally work for you. It’s about deeply connecting with your vision and using your vision as your guiding light, your compass.

The Evolutionary Business Model is a unique process. It is not a cookie-cutter solution.

What I mean by that is that any time you’re faced with a big decision in your business, I want you to look at your vision and look at that decision and ask yourself: “If I do this one thing, if I implement this thing, If I invest in this strategy, if I invest in this mentor or this program, will this bring me closer to my vision or not?”

Because it’s much less about doing ALL THE THINGS and much more about doing the RIGHT THINGS FOR YOU. The right things will be different for each business owner, because your vision is different, and you’re different, and your calling is different.

So if you want to accelerate quickly it’s important to utilize your vision in this way and begin to eliminate the things that are not bringing you closer to your vision, and eliminate the things that are only distracting you from your true path. This is how you’ll map out the shortest possible way to get to where you want to go!

Let me share with you some of my favorite tools to help you identify who you really are as a visionary leader, change-maker or rebel entrepreneur…because so often we can’t see ourselves and you may want some help to gain clarity on your exact strengths so you can align your business around them in a more purposeful way.

1. Human Design

Human Design is a complex system based on when and where you were born that is quite insightful. You don’t have to go deep into the system to learn some really helpful information about how you best engage with the world and your audience.

Jovian Archive is a free resource where you can get your Human Design chart. You’ll need your place, date and time of birth. And I recommend this book “Human Design” by Chetan Parkyn for interpretation of your chart.

2. StrengthsFinder

The StrengthsFinder is a tool I use a lot with teams to make sure that each team member is in a position where their natural strengths are being utilized to the max. It gives you your 5 top strengths and a comprehensive report that explains how to maximize each strength to its fullest potential.

You can purchase the StrengthsFinder Assessment HERE for $19.99.
And if you decide to use it for your team, then I recommend you also purchase this awesome book “Strengths Based Leadership” that tells you how to motivate team members in ways that align with their natural strengths.

3. Visionary Leader Quiz

I’ve created a quick 7-question quiz to help you determine what kind of visionary leader you are and the best ways to use your gifts in the world. I’m a caped crusader. A true rebel paving my own path. Find out what kind of Visionary Leader you are HERE.

Check these resources out and let me know what you’ve discovered about yourself and your unique visionary leadership!

This is where the magic happens!

Happy Aligning,


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