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Evolutionary Business Model Part III: The Flow State

Evolutionary Business Model Part III: The Flow State

Madeleine in her state of ‘flow’.

I hope you’ve been enjoying the series on the Evolutionary Business Model. Are you beginning to see how you can apply these strategies to your business so that you can enjoy more expansion and freedom?

So now that you have defined your natural strengths and clarified your vision in even more detail. Built the structure of the 3 key pillars — Wealth, Integration, and Support — around your vision and strengths. You’re ready to reap the rewards.

Step into what I call “The Flow State”

A steady flow of new clients.

Money flows.

Systems run seamlessly.

Inspired creativity.

Vision expands.

Freedom to soar.

All the good stuff.

It will take you by surprise at first. Because you’ll feel like you did nothing to deserve the level of grace and ease you’re experiencing now in your life and business.

You didn’t

  • hustle.
  • add in tons of new marketing tactics.
  • build a fancy funnel.
  • work around the clock.


As a matter of fact, you did none of the things that you’ve done in the past that brought you success.

Yet it all feels so, well, easy!

Part of you will wonder when the carpet will get pulled under your feet and you’ll fall flat on your face. You may even be bracing for impact.

I get it!

You’ve had moments of peace in the past…but they never lasted…they were just that, moments. So how can you trust that this won’t crumble too?

You may even stir up some drama with every little bump in the road. Your team member forgets to check a link in an email and all of a sudden you’re obsessing over unsubscribes, feel like your company lacks professionalism…and fear that this is just the beginning…of a much bigger breakdown…that it’s inevitable about to hit at any moment…

It will feel counterintuitive. To have time for yourself…time to tend to your vision…time to be creative…follow your inspiration…without things falling apart…

You may go through a phase of feeling useless…unproductive…even unworthy…

I know I did when I first broke free from the hustle…and finally had the level of support in my business that things happened even when I wasn’t there driving the growth…

It was very uncomfortable…

It took me some time to relax into it…

But then, I freakin’ loved it! …and so will you! Promise.

Over the last five years, I’ve helped lots of visionary leaders break free from the hustle…and step into the abundance of their flow state…

Here are some of the building blocks that make the flow state possible…and quite frankly, effortless…

Removing capacity blocks in your business creates a natural flow state.

There comes a time when marketing is no longer the driving force behind growth in your business. It happens right as your business starts to gain momentum.

At that point, if you keep pushing marketing, rather than building out the 3 key pillars in the Evolutionary Business Model, your business growth will quickly come to a screeching halt.

And you’ll get stuck in the feast and famine cycle.

Hustling hard to see a short-lived upswing…only to shrink back to a more sustainable level once you’re not working overtime.

This happens because your business is struggling against capacity blocks. You literally do not have the capacity to sustain the growth…no matter how hard you hustle…or how much money you throw at fancy marketing tactics.

You’ll need to identify and eliminate the capacity blocks first…and then growth happens naturally.

This is exactly what happens when we integrate the 3 key pillars of the Evolutionary Business Model.

It’s a totally new way to generate growth. So new and different that most visionary leaders, change-makers, and rebel entrepreneurs are quite sceptical until they see the real-life results for themselves.

Then it kind of feels like pure magic!


Evolutionary Business Model

You can’t enter flow without the right support.

I know you intuitively know this.

But if you’re anything like the amazing visionary entrepreneurs I work with, you’re up against a couple of limiting beliefs that are hard to overcome.

a) You believe you can’t afford to hire the support you need.

As small business owners with a core team, we’ve laid awake at night worrying about how we will make payroll more times than we care to admit. The ebb and flow of unsteady revenue is something we’re all familiar with…am I right?

I sure have been there!

It wasn’t until I figured out how to build a global team that I finally broke free from keeping my vision and impact small trying to do it all myself.

Now, this is one of our specialties. Building small, impactful teams on a budget from the ground up for our clients. We literally do it for you (when you work with us).

We figure out who we need and what we want them to do, we recruit, interview and hire. Train them up and build accountability systems into your business so that managing is a breeze.

Imagine if you had that level of support?

Pretty sweet, right?

b) You believe you don’t deserve the support you want.

This one is a little more tricky to resolve than the first one.

We’ll have to dig a little deeper.

This is about trust…and feeling enough…and loved…

Some of those deep, personal wounds we all move through this world doing our best to navigate…

My secret?

Embrace them.

Don’t treat yourself like you’re broken just because of a few cracks.

Fill the cracks with gold like the Japanese Kintsugi vases. Rather than disguise them, allow them to be part of your journey.

Because they are.

This thing, about embracing, rather than fixing, has been my saving grace. It has allowed me to move forward at times when I felt paralyzed by fear or shame.

Once you stop letting limiting beliefs keep you from living your deepest calling, anything is possible.

Truly it is!

Structure = Freedom

I know this is an oxymoron for most free-flowing visionary leaders…but hear me out…

Last week I was on a call with a client and he was starting to feel like he was practically see-through as he’s spread so thin across all the things…

Jumping from one thing to the next, to the next…always chasing after the clock…trying to keep up…

So we did some restructuring of his calendar…

Blocked-off set times for the different stuff he got going on…same time each week or month…

And in a matter of moments, we’ve freed up 8 hours a week for him…while fitting all the important stuff in…including dad time and date night with his wife…

“You’re a freakin’ genius! This might have been the most valuable call ever!” he proclaimed at the end!

Now the secret to making this work is to treat that structure once it’s set as something sacred…because it is!

It’s what will bring you sanity…progress…impact…and yes, freedom!

This beauty right here is how I run a wildly successful business on 3-day workweeks.

Easy Peasy!

I hope you’re leaning into the possibility of just how easy growth can become once you’re in the flow state.

Let’s do this!


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