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Evolutionary Business Model Part IV: The Assessment

If there were a clear, actionable way to evolve your business model WITHOUT obsessive marketing, working every.waking.minute, or the anxiety of “am I making the right decisions…”

…would you feel confident to grow your reach and revenue past what you may believe is possible?

You see: You have momentum right where you are.

Now you just need to discover how to leverage the success you’ve already built so that you can accelerate your freedom…financial freedom, time freedom, location freedom and creative freedom…

Which in turn, will allow you to make a much bigger impact in the world.

The kind of impact that leaves an imprint. That changes lives. That puts humanity on a whole new trajectory.

This is an invitation to dig deep.

This is not a one size fits all solution.

Cookie-cutter programs or courses are just not going to get you there.

And this is why even well-meaning expert advice won’t work.

You begin by dusting off your big, bold, and bodacious vision.

Remember the good ol’ days when you were dreaming of starting your business?

You know, when you didn’t have a care in the world — no fear of burning out, or running out of money, or never getting to the important stuff.

Your end goal was all that mattered, because your vision was so clear….so tangible…you could literally feel it and touch it…

Do you remember what that was like?

Long before the reality of running a business had brought doubt and fear into your heart and soul…long before your vision had been put on time out while you tended to the ever growing to-do list…

Let’s reconnect with your deepest calling. Your most profound wish for humanity. Your most generous gifts to share with the masses.

What would be possible if we used this dreamy place as the foundation for building your business model?

If we removed the blind-spots, the doubts and fears, that being a visionary leader, change-maker and rebel entrepreneur gives us?

This is what my clients report happens in their businesses as a result of aligning their business model with their vision…

Want to know the crazy good news?

Leveling-UP to Lead-UP can be even easier to achieve than you ever thought possible.

I’ve helped hundreds of visionary entrepreneurs expand their reach, revenue, and ultimately expand their freedom…

…while my business runs on 3-day work weeks.

I travel and I delegate. Some days I show up in my underpants (don’t worry I won’t ask you to do that!)

I’m free to show up, bringing all of me, and loving every minute of it!

And now? I want to invite you to step into this level of abundance too.

By guiding you through the Evolutionary Business Assessment.

This is the 3-step process we use as the starting point for all of our clients to map out their personalized, step-by-step path to leverage the success they’ve already built in their business so they can enjoy more ease, and more freedom.

It’s done-for-you.

…and backed with 100% satisfaction guarantee.

’Cause ROI matters to us.

This process isn’t some high-falutin intellectual idea…or some tried once, failed twice fly-by-your pants hope-it-works thingy…

This is a proven methodology that I’ve carefully fine-tuned over the last 6 years working with hundreds of visionary leaders…all with different business models and unique visions…

It all started with me on the brink of bankruptcy back in 2015.

A big change in my industry — way above my paygrade — completely wiped out my profit margin.

Poof. Gone.

Without a pay check the bills started to pile up and it didn’t take long until the bank was getting ready to foreclose on our home.

With days to spare, we sold our home with a tiny profit.

Thanks to my great negotiating skills I convinced my husband to let me re-invest half the money into my then failing business to see if I could save it.

In one year, I went from not being able to pay my bills, working around the clock to an 8-hour work week and a 65% profit margin, cashing a multiple 6-figure pay check smiling all the way to the bank.

Then I turned around and sold it…and we spent the next two years riding around in a 36 foot 5th wheel (aka our palace on wheels) chasing our favorite bands across the country.

Now? I’m dedicated to helping other visionary entrepreneurs find their path to freedom.

Ready to tap into my expertise to map out the shortest, fastest, and most graceful path to more revenue and impact?

Then you’re definitely in the right place.

The Evolutionary Business Model Assessment

Step 1: Free Up Cash Flow

This is completely done for you. All you have to do is send over your profit and loss statement for the past 12 months…then I’ll dive into the numbers and free up at least $5,000…but it’s not unusual for this number to be in the ten-thousands…

We’ll identify areas where you may be leaking money, and find what profit centers need to be optimized to accelerate growth.

Get ready to unlock the mystery of having control of your finances by looking beyond what bills you need to pay or how to make payroll, through simplifying what numbers truly matter.

Step 2: Deep Dive Assessment

Being a business owner is a lonely endeavor.

Even when you have a supporting partner, a dedicated team, and entrepreneurial friends…you still find yourself making all the big decisions, hoping for the best.

You’re the one who has to generate the revenue to keep everyone employed and your doors open.

You’re the one awake at 3 am tossing and turning, obsessing over how to proceed…and what it will mean for you, the business, your clients, and your team…

I get it.

There have been SO many times in my entrepreneurial journey when I wished I had someone right there, who got me and my vision, to help me choose the path forward…

Maybe you’ve wished you had someone, right there, with you too?

If so, you’re going to love this step.

We’ll spend 3 hours together with me mostly asking questions to assess what’s working, what needs tweaking, and what needs to be added for you to accelerate your vision.

In this session, I’ll give you a view into your business from my perspective, sharing my go-to tips to create massive business transformation so that you can break free from the hustle and build a visionary business that allows you freedom, ease, and impact.

By the end, you will understand how your business operations plays a role in your overall growth strategy so that you can remove the pressure to have to *be everywhere at once* and, instead, focus on the stuff that will give you the biggest impact.

Step 3: Let Things Percolate

After the assessment I like to let everything we talked about percolate for a few days so that I can find the fastest and most effective way for you to bring your vision into reality.

This is when I may lay awake pondering the challenges in your business while you sleep soundly for a change.

Little by little the path forward will become clear…and I will begin to prepare your personalized strategic plan taking your budget, vision, and current business model into account.

Step 4: Your Strategic Plan

We’ll get back together a couple of days after your business assessment so that I can present your personalized strategic plan to you.

The very first thing I’ll do is score your business using the 5 areas of the Evolutionary Business Model from 1 to 5. Five meaning you have that area totally dialed in and one meaning you need to transform this area.

Here’s an example of what it might look like:

Evolutionary Business Model
Evolutionary Business Model Assessment Score

Next, I’ll rate you and your business in 5 different components for each of the key areas. Red means you’re missing this component, yellow means you need to tweak what you’ve got in place, and green means you’re all set.

It all flows from the questionnaire we worked our way through together during the deep dive assessment.

Here is an example of what the score card may look like:

This also becomes your customized strategic plan. I recommend you implement the strategies from top to bottom, starting with the component on the left and working your way through each one toward the right. To keep things organized, break down each of the pillars into a 90-day implementation project.

Every visionary entrepreneur’s scorecard will look differently. There are things that you have in place that someone else will be missing completely or only have partly in place in their business and vice versa. But this gives you a quick visual sense of where to focus your energy and resources to make progress on your vision quickly, and with ease.

If you’re curious to see what your scorecard may look like, I have something special in store for you!

Right now I’m taking a few select visionary leaders, change-makers, and rebel entrepreneurs through the whole Evolutionary Business Assessment process step-by-step…at no charge (a $5,000 value).

Yep, you read that right. You’ll get 8 hours or so of my undivided attention focused on your business…helping you create your vision…so that you can make a bigger impact…for free.

So what’s the catch?

Well, frankly there isn’t one.

But I have my reasons…

  1. I only invite entrepreneurs into the Accelerator program that I know will succeed and we’ll have fun working together. Taking potential clients through the Evolutionary Business Assessment allows me time to get to know you and your business and see if we’re a fit for working together on the implementation of your strategic plan.
  2. The world is in dire need for people like you — visionary leaders, change-makers, and rebel entrepreneurs — to step up and lead the way through this mess humanity is in the midst of. Your gifts and services are needed now more than ever. I’m on a mission to help amplify the message of the leaders that can make the biggest difference right now.
  3. Ninety percent of the visionary entrepreneurs I invite into the Accelerator program after I’ve guided them through the Evolutionary Business Assessment take me up on my offer and we’ll end up working together on the implementation of the strategic plan I’ve created for them. Once we partner with a leader we step in and project manage every aspect of the implementation.

If for whatever reason we’re not a fit for working together on the implementation of your strategic plan, no worries. I’ll share all my notes from the financial review and deep dive assessment with you, as well as, give you your scorecard and customized strategic plan so that you can work on implementing those strategies on your own. And we’ll part ways as friends!

I also only accept about 50% of the entrepreneurs that apply for the Evolutionary Business Model Assessment as I want to make sure that this is truly the right next step for you and your business. If it’s not, I’ll give you my best recommendations, share some resources with you, and send you off with more clarity on what’s needed next for you and your business.

Here are some of the characteristics that tells me that you’re a good fit for the Evolutionary Business Model Assessment:

  • Your business gross revenue is at least $350K per year. Even better if you’re in the $500K-$700K range.
  • You have a small but dedicated team supporting you and you know you need to hire more team members to grow but not sure if you can afford it.
  • You’re on a mission to change the world in a profound way and you’re ready to make a much bigger impact.
  • You take personal responsibility for your results.
  • You love to collaborate with other smart people.

If this is you…and you know that this is the time for you to level-UP so that you can lead-UP in an even more impactful way…book an Introductory Call with me to see if now is the right time for an Evolutionary Business Assessment.

Woo hoo!!!

I’m excited to be diving in with you!


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