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How we pivoted a failed launch and generated $220K

How we pivoted a failed launch and generated $220K

“Our launch is a bust!” my client exclaimed on our second strategy session. “We’re not even halfway to our goal”

Rather than keep to our scheduled agenda, I quickly switched gears. As a result, I dove a little deeper into the mechanisms of the most recent launch to see what could be done. 

My client is a very successful visionary with over 80,000 community members. In fact, last year was her best year yet…closing out at $625K.

She had an amazing core team supporting her…but on the other hand, here she was. She was worrying how she would make payroll due to loss from this last launch.

I know the feeling. If you’ve been in a business for a little bit I bet you do too! Being a visionary entrepreneur is not for the faint of heart. It requires risk, vision…and heart! YES! But also strategy, flexibility…and innovation!

After asking lots of questions to better understand what was happening behind the scenes, I made a few suggestions that my client took immediate action on.

Within a few days…

I received a celebratory voice message: “We just had our best launch yet! Closing out at $220K!”

Want to know more about how we did it?

Check out the video I just recorded where I break it all down:

Let’s do this,

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