Mellissa Seaman is a Stanford graduated attorney turned intuitive business strategist and the creator of the Channel Your Genius methodology.

Meet Mellissa who grew her business from $200K to $722K within 10 months

Before Mellissa teamed up with me, she was in the hustle. Launching programs left and right, running challenges, webinars, and hitting the stage. Basically, if there was a way to serve her clients and make sure her bank account didn’t start echoing, she was on it. But dare she think about hitting pause, jetting off on a vacay, or diving into a mastermind? Bam! Her business would hit the brakes, bleeding cash and momentum faster than a popped balloon. Mellissa was itching for a steadier cash flow, a bigger splash, and the freedom to occasionally play hooky without everything crumbling down. The problem? She was unsure how to amp up her game without just piling more onto her already overflowing plate. And let’s be real, that route seemed about as feasible as fitting an elephant into a Mini Cooper. She was already pushing the pedal to the metal, hard.


We didn’t just sit down with Mellissa to dream up her ideal cash-making, sustainable business model. Oh no! We kicked it up a notch. And helped her hire a rockstar team and gave her operations a makeover that would make Marie Kondo proud. 

THE middle

Mellissa’s soft launched her shiny new signature program and didn’t just bring in a cool $167K in a blink. It also hooked her up with a recurring revenue stream that laughed in the face of her monthly bills for an entire year. Talk about freedom! This meant Mellissa could peace out on two month-long vacays without breaking a sweat. Over the year, she welcomed over 300 students into her Channel Your Genius Academy, attracted over 10,000 quiz takers like moths to a flame, and started getting inquiries from dream clients daily. Mellissa had finally hit the legacy business jackpot, free to unleash her genius into the world.

THE finish

“Partnering with Madeleine and her team has been the best decision I've made in structuring my business for ease and success. Madeleine is more innovative, more strategic, and more creative than anyone when it comes to creating elegant structure, and building the perfect team. My only regret is that I didn't hire her sooner. If you have a 6-figure business and a vision and you want to work solely in your zone of genius while your business, impact, and income keep growing - you need to scale. If you want it done well, you need Madeleine and her team.”

in her words

Mellissa Seaman, channel your genius

"Madeleine absolutely did help me flip the "freedom switch!" with her 2-step sales system. My time and energy freed up and I upped my conversion rates. Madeleine taught me how to position myself as an expert. She understands the mindset and strategies that are aligned with the values of healthcare providers."

Wins from KickAss Leaders

Patrice Perillo, Find a Career You Deserve

“I’ve just had my best month ever! My business is totally rocking and I’m in love with the systems and structure that I’ve created. This is all thanks to Madeleine and her coaching.  Honestly, I couldn’t imagine doing it without her. She is a vital part of my business and has completely changed my life.”

Rachel Bolton, plan yourself pregnant

“I know clarity when I feel it. I decided to sign up with Madeleine yesterday. I followed her coaching from our call this morning and I've already got my first signup for a new group program I didn’t even know I had coming up - LOL! Chatting with four more interested folks and just emailed my list. I’m living proof of the difference between creating debt and investing in my business. I’m asking my clients to invest in themselves, there’s something magical about me doing the same. Yay me!!! If any of you are on the fence, it’s really fun over here.”

Cinder Ernst, Knee Friendly Fitness

At a plateau?
Same problem keeps rearing its ugly head?
Team not performing?
Facing a tough decision? 

I can help it go away. 

My clients Laura Minard RN and Shelby Kurz RN
founders of the Successful Nurse Coaches are single handedly                         corporate medicine.

"We knew we didn't want - or need - another business coaching program or just another mentor. We needed someone that could actually tell us what we needed to do to scale our success...and then help us to implement because we were already maxed out., adding more stuff to do just wouldn't have worked."

How did they do it?


Laura mindard + shelby kurz, the successful nurse coaches

In the whirlwind of the last 6 months, by diving headfirst into Madeleine's mentorship, these dynamo duos have totally transformed their game. They've not just leveled up; they're on the fast track to smashing that 7-figure ceiling in 2022.

They invested in themselves and their legacy.

We took their business model, flipped it on its head, and tripled their fees. Didn't phase them one bit. They hit the ground running with their fresh offer and bam! $100K landed in their lap within the first 30 days of showing it off to their current list and FB group. Fast forward a few months, and that number’s done a triple axel, nearly tripling.

They were fearless.

Laura and Shelby went on a team makeover spree. Welcoming five new rockstars into their squad and giving the boot to a couple of misfits. But wait, they didn’t just throw these newbies into the deep end. Nope, they rolled up their sleeves and crafted bulletproof operational playbooks for every task and project on the docket. This way, their new team had a crystal-clear roadmap and knew exactly what hitting a home run looked like. It was all about setting the stage for a dream team backed by killer systems and expectations as clear as a bell.

 They got strategic.

Instead of amping up the mayhem of their 6-figure hustle at max throttle, we chose to chill and simplify. We decked out their biz with slick systems, automations, and workflows, turning the scaling up game into a breeze. Easier? You bet. Faster? Like greased lightning.

They simplified before multiplying.

"I’ve worked with Madeleine on several projects and the results Madeleine gets for her clients are unprecedented."

Corey Whitaker


Meet Sean who broke free from the cash flow rollercoaster and created a steady, recurring income doing what he loves.

Before Sean jumped into mentoring with me, he was the king of big events and even bigger paydays. But riding the rollercoaster of feast one month and famine the next was wearing him thin. The endless grind was more draining than a triple-shot espresso on an empty stomach. Exciting at first, but ultimately leaving you jittery and unsatisfied. After his last gig, despite raking in over six figures, he ended up in the red. Internally, his operation was fraying like an old pair of jeans. Stretched thinner than a dollar store yoga mat, with only his trusty assistant in his corner, trying to keep pace with his booming business was like juggling flaming torches blindfolded.


We flipped Sean's setup on its head, tailoring his offer and biz to play to his unique strengths and innate superpowers, all while setting up a cash flow that's as steady and predictable as your grandma's Sunday roast. Then, we snagged a top-tier team to take the weight off his shoulders, letting him kick back in his genius zone.


Instead of slogging through those energy-sucking one-on-one coaching calls, Sean started rocking out on his super-cool Zoom home stage, with crowds of wishlist clients. And now with a team of dedicated and capable legends handling all the bits he couldn’t stand or simply didn’t have time for, for the first time in a decade, he was basking in the glow of a steady income. This wasn’t just any income; it was the kind that took care of him and his family, while also fueling the dream team, systems, tactics, and strategies needed to bring his grand vision to life.


“Madeleine was there for me every step of the way. If I had a tricky sales conversations, or a snafus with one of my team members, or was planning my next enrollment event, she was right there, guiding and supporting me. Having that level of support, I no longer felt alone at the top, driving my vision, by pure force. I relaxed and implemented solid strategy in every part of my business, from operations, delivery, to sales, and marketing. Having the support I need in my business has given me the freedom to collaborate with some of the industry greats like Lisa Sasevich, Les Brown, and Justin Cunningham.”



Wins From KickAss Leaders

“We have gone from never being on social media to implementing the whole Empowered Client Journey and have more new clients than ever before in our 33 years in practice.”

Drs. Allen & Sharon Dubner, Dubner family chiropractic center

"Madeleine have helped me increase my collections significantly while also decreasing my workload which has allowed me to focus on what I do best: chiropractic. She has been extremely pleasant to work with and sensitive to the needs and preferences of my particular business style. I highly recommend Madeleine to anyone who wants their practice run more smoothly and profitably.

Dr. Sylvia Skefich, Gentle Chiropractic Care

"Madeleine made me think about WHO I want to connect with to grow my referral network. She taught me to not be afraid to reach out-- and reach up-- to people to ask them to collaborate. Madeleine humanized the people on the other side, and it made the process less scary - and got me results!

Karen Shopoff Roof, Women's Wellness Warrior

Elayne Kalila Doughty is the founder of the Priestess Presence Temple: A community of 80,000 women strong from all over the world stepping into a deeper spiritual path.

Meet Elayne Kalila who scaled her business to $112K months in just 9 months. 

Before Elayne Kalila teamed up with me to take her multi-6-figure sacred empire to dizzying new heights, she was the heart, soul, and engine behind her jaw-dropping launches. Handling every sales call, delivering all four programs, and guiding hundreds of students down their spiritual paths. Fresh off her most stellar year yet, the weight of her success was starting to show. Deep down, she knew that playing solo in the roles of lead teacher and content guru wasn’t a game she could win long-term. She was itching to dive deeper into her programs, to elevate them to realms uncharted, but the big question loomed: Where on earth would the time, energy, or audience come from?


On our second call, smack in the middle of Covid chaos, we tweaked Elayne Kalila’s launch-gone-sideways into a cool $150K revenue in just a few days. Riding that wave, we fine-tuned her next two launches of the year, catapulting the following one to a whopping $350K. This explosion of growth? All thanks to rallying her team to take over sales calls and a big chunk of program delivery, freeing Elayne Kalila from being the sole growth engine. Suddenly, she was liberated to dive into the deep mentorships she’d been dreaming of, discovering her eager audience nestled right within her own community. And the cherry on top? We tripled the scholarships, throwing open the doors for even more students in need of a financial leg-up to join her transformative programs.


“Partnering with Madeleine and her amazing team has been nothing short of a miracle. I have always had such a deep desire to have our internal business structures be as elegant and clear as the work that we offer into the world! Madeleine has helped me to not only increase revenue , but also look at the overall health and well being of the business- what it takes to build a legacy through the structures and systems. She has supported us with everything from how we run our launches, to training staff, and seeing where we needed much more support. Her strategic brilliance is a major asset, and her systems and procedures (that she shares so generously) are starting to create the space for us to continue to build a sustainable business that holds true to its mission and purpose! Amazing!!” 



Jesse & Sharla are the founders of Thrive Academy, a multi-7-figure company that is the #1 source for turning coaches and holistic practitioners into 6-figure transformational leaders.

Meet Jesse & Sharla Who Cut Their Company Payroll By $40K per Month while Growing Their Team, Increasing Productivity, and Enjoying Their Best Conversion Live Event Ever

Before teaming up with me, Jesse and Sharla were riding the rollercoaster of the past couple of years, with the world pulling the plug on their live event biz, forcing every aspect of their operation — marketing, sales, delivery, you name it— to pivot faster than a disco ball in a hurricane. True to their unstoppable spirit, Jesse and Sharla didn’t just rise to the challenge; they reinvented their entire business for the virtual stage. Knowing they needed to bring some method to the madness as they overhauled their business model, they onboarded a top-notch operational wizard, aiming for strategic salvation. Alas, despite the genius solutions and problem-spotting, the execution fell flat, and within six months, they found themselves back at the drawing board, solo once more. To add insult to injury, 80% of their cherished crew, who thrived in the live event arena, bowed out, unable to jive with the new digital direction. A tough break? Absolutely. But if anyone could turn those lemons into lemonade, it was Jesse and Sharla.


Our squad parachuted in, ready to revamp and revitalize the operational backbone Jesse and Sharla's biz desperately needed to not just stand but soar. We rolled up our sleeves and got down to brass tacks, crafting a company vibe that thrived on clarity and killer SOPs, bulldozing any roadblocks to scalability. Our mission? Make growth not just a goal but a given. We scouted and brought on board a dream team of go-getters, eager to take the reins on big ideas and even bigger projects, giving Jesse and Sharla the freedom to truly embody their CEO and visionary essence. Leading the charge, our project maestro took the helm of a pivotal business development venture, turning it into the crown jewel of their upcoming mega event. Talk about setting the stage for triumph!

THE middle

Fast forward nine months into our power-packed partnership, and Jesse and Sharla smashed it out of the park, leading their most epic conversion event to date. At the virtual Client Attraction Summit, they turned a whopping 30% of attendees into eager learners in their programs for coaches and holistic healers, raking in a cool $700K from just that one gig. But the magic didn't stop there. They built a rockstar team of MVPs, supercharging their growth and fostering a company culture that's nothing short of transformative. Thrive Academy isn't just playing the game; they're changing it, making waves that ripple far and wide. And let's not forget the cherry on top: slashing their payroll by nearly half a mil a year. Yep, you heard that right. We're talking major league savings, folks. Plus, we've made hiring and training a breeze, streamlining workflows and ensuring every role is double-booked for smooth sailing. Now, that's what we call a game changer.

THE finish

“We are SO grateful to Madeleine for her mentorship in redesigning our business and team for the online world, and saving us over $40K on our monthly payroll. We wish we had invested with her long before we wasted months and hundreds of thousands of dollars on COOs that didn’t deliver. Madeleine deliver top notch work, and make good on her promises. We’ve rarely worked with a mentor with more integrity and dedication.” 

 in TheIr words